Leading supplier of OTC products in Norway

Weifa was founded in 1940 and currently employees around 30 highly qualified colleagues at its head office in Oslo. Weifa is a company undergoing continuous growth. The company holds a strong position in Norway, and is the largest pharmaceutical company in the field of non-prescription, over the counter medicines. Weifa is a market lead in pain relief, with firmly established brands such as Paracet and Ibux. Remedies against colds and respiratory problems, the treatment of wounds and dietary supplements are among other strong key areas.

Brand builder

Weifa is present throughout the value chain - from research and development to distribution and sales. Historically, Weifa has been a strong and successful brand builder over many decades. Continuous work on consumer insight, innovation and customer focus have all resulted in a unique position for Weifa’s brands in the Norwegian market. Brands such as Paracet, Ibux, Paralgin Forte, Bronkyl, Pyrisept and Weifa C are all known and leaders in their respective segments.

Weifa has launched new products on an annual basis that contribute to helping consumers with their health needs in their everyday lives. Weifa has historically been a driving force for switching medicines from requiring a prescription to being available over the counter. This has included well-known products such as Ibux gel 100g, Samin and Bronkyl - to name but a few.

Leadership ambitions

Weifa has set high, ambitious goals for the future. In pharmaceuticals and lifestyle products, the ambition is to become the leading Norwegian company in consumer health. The company will consolidate and strengthen its position as the number one player in pain relief, as well becoming the fastest growing company in the colds and respiratory ailments category. The leading positions will be achieved through combining a focus on quality in all processes with customer focus in product development and relationship building. Our vision is to become the most trusted and valued Nordic supplier of products and solutions in the fields of medicines and lifestyle products.