The in-licensing team works with a broad network of partners to find products, as an alternative to own development or co-development. We have a core group of preferred partners, chosen on the basis of their high-quality products. Our team is highly qualified in developing regulatory strategies for the Nordic market, ensuring an excellent track record in achieving registration and OTC status for new products. On the marketing side, Weifa has built some of Norway’s best known household brands, and represents a strong partner for the Nordic market.

Our focus is mainly on OTC products, but we also have a broad and well-established portfolio of Rx products within the pain category. Our strategy is to actively pursue Rx-to-OTC switches within our focus areas.

We are looking for partners within pain, cough & cold, allergy, gastrointestinal disorders, probiotics, wound care/specialty derma, insomnia, or any category represented by a unique, high-potential product.


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