Out-licensing is becoming a new business area for Weifa. We have a broad pipe-line of unique products and concepts under development. For the right partner, we are able to offer attractive terms and regulatory and marketing support. 

Product list
Xylometazoline with dexpanthenol, 1 mg/ml/0.5 mg/mlNasal spray against nasal congestion, with soothing and healing properties. PharmaceuticalEU-CTD format
Isotonic saline nasal spray with dexpanthenol, aloe vera or mentholNasal spray with sea salt solution, dexpanthenol and aloe vera or menthol for dry and sore nose.Medical Device
C-vitamin and zinc, 15 mg + 2mgHard candy lozenges with orange and menthol flavour.Food SupplementEU-CTD format
Paracetamol Caffeine, 500 mg + 65 mgTabletsPharmaceuticalEU-CTD format
Paracetamol Caffeine, 500 mg + 65 mgEffervescent tablets, menthol-orange flavourPharmaceuticalEU-CTD format
Paracetamol Tramadol, 325 mg + 37.5 mgTabletsPharmaceuticalEU-CTD format
Paracetamol Codein, 500 mg + 30 mgTabletsPharmaceuticalEU-CTD format

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